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Wet Underwear Party

Saturday, May 25, 2013
10pm - 2am


The Denver Wrangler will be holding our annual wet underwear contest as well as celebrating our 17-year anniversary on Saturday May 25th at 9:30pm. This year we are hoping to do something a bit different with our contest by making it a FUNDRAISER! Here is how it will work:

Each Sports Team can enter up to three (3) max contestants. These contestants will compete for $1000.00 in cash prize money that can be donated back to the team they represent.

First Place - $500
Second Place - $300
Third Place - $200

If your team enters up to three contestants there is a possibility of winning up to $1000. dollars for your team. In addition each contestant who enters will be given drink tickets for the night. And if the contestant who places gives all the winnings back to the team 1st place will also receive $100. dollar bar tab, 2nd place will receive a $75. dollar bar tab and 3rd place will receive a $50. dollar bar tab which can be used by that contestant or also donated back to the team to be used as a raffle item or a gift basket at another fundraiser.

Registration - http://on.fb.me/10jPNvO

Each contestant will compete in three categories of underwear:

1. Boxers (not boxer briefs)
2. Briefs (as in tighty whities or any other color)
3. Jock Strap (yes show your butt jock strap)

Each contestant will be wet down on stage in a trough in all three categories (No worries, the water will be warm). Contestants who have placed in the past have dressed up their underwear and really worked the stage and crowd i.e. tearing off pants, hats, boots, etc.

***The winners of the contest will be decided by audience response i.e. cheering, noise, clapping, etc. So bring your teammates, friends, family and anyone else you can think of to come and cheer for your team’s contestants.

Sponsored by Tuaca. Please Drink Responsibly.

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