ID Policy and Dress Code

The Denver Wrangler requires all patrons to show 1 form of valid identification to gain entrance

Please, No strong perfume or cologne

Accpetable forms of identifcation:

Passport from any country
U.S. Drivers License
U.S. Military ID Card
U.S. Resident Alien Card
U.S. Permanent Alien Card
U.S. Visa (Green Card)

The Denver Wrangler MUST insure that you are of legal drinking age.  Your appearance MUST match your photo on your ID.  If you are wearing heavy makeup, wigs, or a costume that masks your appearance, you may be asked to remove it, or show a 2nd ID before being allowed to enter.  Gender idenity and dfferences are not considered if your appearance is similar to your ID.    Please make sure your ID is NOT expired.